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Welcome back! For blog post No.3 I thought I would change the pace a little and tell you about a handful of photographers that have inspired me and this is my way of thanking them for what they have done for me in 2017. Not all people realize how much confidence they give off and inspire you to step outside of your comfort zone... The handful of names here have contributed equally in different ways to get me to this point, so without delay and in no particular order, the first inspiration is: Eric Barnes - Barneshaw Images

Where do I start with Eric? He is a real down to earth, modest gent! As I said in an earlier blog, I have had the greatest pleasure seeing Eric work the pit lane and the tire stacks, getting himself into all kinds of places and I am stood back watching, thinking "What is he doing?!" Then I see the results of what he has produced and it all makes sense. The questions I was asking changed to "What has he seen?!" The angles that Eric finds, my mind can't comprehend.

Barneshaw Images

I have come to know when an image is being created because Eric will adjust his hat, so it has been named "The Hat of Creativity"... That is exactly what Eric does... He doesn't just take a picture, he creates it in his mind, composes it and makes it something quite special in digital form. Mention: Barneshaw Images

Ian Cutting - Ian Cutting Photography

I first met Ian at Donington Park BTCC Media Day 2017 on the tire stacks. We met again at Brands Hatch when I was just a spectator at the opening BTCC weekend. I have always admired Ian's work when I had come across it. I am quite a shy and reserved character, thinking that these photographers were just there doing job and getting the job done. Ian smashed that idea out of the park.

By that I mean, he made me feel that people are more approachable than I first thought and although there are some that are very focused, there are also some that are very encouraging and don't mind sharing hints, tips and also being pleased to see you either side of the fence.

Mention: Ian Cutting Photography

Alex Denham

I cant speak highly enough about Alex and her work! If I had to describe Alex, I would call her a "Free Spirit with a purpose". I have followed Alex and her rise to the cream of the crop, from the very beginning. She made the leap from retail to Motorsport Photography, which is the journey I have tried to take and admired her and her work from afar.

I call Alex a free spirit because she decides "Im going here, Im doing this..." and she does it, whereas I tend to risk assess in my head everything I do before I do it. Perhaps that is why she ends up with so many bumps and grazes... Jokes, Alex! I really hope you start getting the recognition you deserve for your work and for the person you are.

Mention: Alex Denham Photography

Stuart Campbell

I have known Stuart for not many years, however, he has become one of my closest friends. He hasn't been into photography very long. "So why does Stuart inspire you?" I hear you ask... Let me tell you...

The enthusiasm, drive and determination to want to learn, develop and get 'that image', is unlike anything I have seen before. Every spare moment he is traveling from his home in Salisbury, to the local lakes, nature reserves or Zoo with his little man, Samuel and sometimes with his lovely wife Jen or even taking his camera to work with him too. Stuart has said that so long as he is developing and is taking better and better images and experiencing new adventures, he is happy.

Thank You... These people have been on a massive journey with me and this is my way of saying "thank you" to them... They are all amazing people and I am lucky to know them and have them around... Some have helped me more personally more than others but without any of them, I don't know where I would be without them... Here is too my next adventure in 2018! Who is coming with me?... Merry Christmas and a Very Happy and Prosperous New Year! Frank

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