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Following on from my last blog, thanking the photographers that have inspired me along my journey so far, it isn’t fair that I haven’t thanked the other people that have gotten me to where I am… They are no means an afterthought… Nor taken for granted, sometimes there are just no words to express my gratitude. I will try in this blog… Ian Mutch

With out this man and his love of all things automotive, there wouldn’t be a Facebook Group called Startattheback. This Group is aimed at all motorsport levels from grass roots, Club racing all the way to the pinnacle of British motor racing, BTCC. Ian has a real passion for helping and making a difference, in his day job too. He is a fire fighter at RAF Cranwell and moonlights when needed between Cranwell and Scampton, where the Royal Air Force Aerobatic Team, The Red Arrows are based. In Ians spare time, more recently has been helping his local Club racing team, Finsport with preparing and mending their various machines they race many weekends of the season. Ian took me on as the Startattheback Group photographer and has helped me achieve dreams I didn’t think would happen… BTCC Media Day 2017 is the one that will stick in memory forever, as it was my first ever event that I gained Media Access due to Ian being so accommodating. He has always supported me and my work so for that Ian, I thank you for your support through many situations, professionally and personally. Ryan Taylor

When I was starting out on this crazy journey, I contacted Ryan regarding becoming a photographer for his Facebook Group, BTCT, British Touring Car Talk. Unfortunately, I was turned down but he was very grateful he told me about Ian and his group… Ryan and his team run a group that has over 13,000 members and do a great job keeping them all in check. Thank you, Ryan for being generous enough to help me out find a route into my profession! Lee Hollin

May 2017 was a difficult portion of my life… For personal reasons I won’t go into, I found myself going to the doctors and being told to find activities that I enjoy and to help “find me” again… The onky place that I felt really at home is at a race track with my camera. I scoured the racing calendars until I found a meeting at Castle Combe, which is my second nearest circuit. The closest is Thruxton, as I live in Andover, 10 minutes up the A303. I saw one of the championships that were racing at Castle Combe, was the Mazda MX5 Championship. I remembered seeing some of the drivers commenting that they were involved with the championship, on Startattheback. I sent a general post out, asking if it was the same championship that these guys were involved with… Lee replied and very kindly left two tickets for both me and my dad at the entrance. The day was fantastically wet. Personally, I felt canoes would have been quicker due to the conditions… My camera had a soaking and took 2 weeks to dry out in our airing cupboard at home. Lee was fantastic company, the few times we wandered over to the trailer. He also had a very productive couple of races bagging two 3rd placed finishes. Thank you Lee for helping me regain my smile and thank you for instigating the path I now find myself on… Jay Finlay

“The Boss”, of Finsport, has been fantastic. I have been lucky enough to follow most of the teams’ adventures, under his management for most of the second half of the 2017 club season. I finally got to meet the main man at Silverstone at the BARC CTCRC Finale weekend. The team were running a Ford Fiesta ST for Alex Tait who became the BOSS (Blue Oval Saloon Series) Champion that weekend, a Honda Civic Type R for Dawn Boyd, a Volkswagen Golf for returning Chris Mohan and Lee Hollin, in his Mazda MX5 that weekend. Thank you for your support “Boss”. Thank you for taking a chance on me and thank you for giving me the opportunity to sample what my dream looks and feels like! Thank you… Without these people my journey wouldn’t be any closer than it was 2 years ago. You will be the ones that are responsible for the craziness that will follow in the coming seasons to come!

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