Access All Areas 5. Turning It Up To Max-5

Blog 6 and back to my adventures from beyond the fence...

Towards the middle of 2017, I was looking for a pick me up. I was told to do things that I enjoyed, to get back to being myself. So, I scoured the racing calendars to find events that I could attend. Apart from classic Tom and Jerry (the new ones are rubbish compared to the classic cartoons), I feel most at home at a race track. I stumbled across a race timetable that included the Mazda MX5 series.

I knew there were a few drivers on Facebook group Startattheback that raced in this Championship the previous season. A few posts later and I was on my way to Castle Combe for the BARC meeting. I was grateful for the generosity of racer Lee Hollin for sparing two tickets for both me and my dad, which in a later blog I may explain why.

So in return for the kindness shown to us I said I would spend the day taking shots of Lee and the antics of the other MX5 racers. It was a very wet Sunday shooting the racing. It even had to be halted while the fire brigade came and put out a fire in the middle of the circuit due to a power plant becoming waterlogged.

For me personally it was great to be able to clear the mind and think about something else. It was also good to be able to spend time with dad as these days may not of been so easy or forthcoming. Here are a couple of images the old man took. He has a decent eye for an image...

Getting the chance to meet Lee and say thank you was a highlight of the day with the icing on the cake moment of being able to take pictures of him at the end of the day with his trophy haul.

Through the three events I have attended in 2017, the drivers that I have come across have been very courteous as Lee has been and its been a real pleasure being in their company in the garages and awnings. If you get the chance to visit a club weekend I highly recommend it. Seeing how the weekend is run, it is a very relaxed atmosphere. All the drivers are very approachable and it makes their day if they get asked for an autograph and/or a photo!

There is more to come from my time with this family of "pocket rockets" in upcoming blogs.

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